Banish boring boxes and bags immediately. Cutting-edge food packaging combines style and function with amazing results.

How much thought do you give to your food packaging design? Is it just a way of keeping your food safe and fresh until it’s time to eat it?

Designers see a genuine opportunity to change how we look at our food. It can also help your new product stand out in a very crowded market.

Here are 9 innovative food packaging ideas that we predict will fly off the shelves.

nail varnish jam jars


1. Square jam jars disguised as high-end nail varnish

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking these were high-end nail varnish bottles. But they’re actually artisan jams, available in over 20 colourful varieties. These beautiful jars look like they’d be more at home on a high-class dressing table than on your toast, and we love them.


sports bottle dumb bell


2. A sports bottle that isn’t destined for the bin after a single use

Single-use plastic is a huge problem for the planet and for food producers. Most of them have to use something to contain their products for sale, and the new ranges of eco-friendly packaging can push up prices and eat into profits. The producers of this sports drink have tried to keep its bottle out of the recycling bin. Once you’ve enjoyed the contents, it can be refilled with water and used as a 0.5kg dumbbell.

sardine can


3. Packed like sardines in an eye-catching can

Sometimes you can’t deviate from the traditional size and shape of packaging in order to catch a customer’s eye. Tins are usually produced in standard sizes for easy storage and transport, but we guarantee that this clever little sardine can will stand out from the crowd.

a cheese pencil

4. Cheese pencils? We’re in.

Sometimes a creative packaging idea pushes us to think about how we use a product, and if packaging it more efficiently could be a game-changer. A clever designer put Parmesan cheese into the shape of a pencil, ideal for shaving over your favourite dishes with a (clean!) pencil sharpener. Genius.

spaghetti measuring package

5. Packaging that doubles up as a handy cooking tool

It’s an accepted fact that it’s impossible to cook the correct amount of pasta. You’ll either end up with enough to feed a sparrow, or enough to feed your local rugby team. These designers have measured and separated individual portions of spaghetti into cardboard tubes to minimize the guesswork!

boom chips packaging

6. Solve the problems of existing packaging

Sometimes the packaging designers that came before us have created problems that we need to resolve. Like the popular brand of crisps served in narrow canisters that most adults can’t comfortably squeeze their hands into. Enter Bloom Chips, with a canister that expands out into a bowl for easier snacking.


the spice palette

7. Simple serving suggestion

The Spice Palette removes a step from the cooking process so you don’t have to measure out your herbs and spices. They’re already pre-portioned. Just pop out what you need and the rest will stay freshly sealed until the next time.

Paint tin wine

8. Change the way your customers think about a product

Initially, this just looks like a paint can full of red wine, which is a good idea in itself. But this was actually a clever idea to sell a less popular wine that didn’t taste great but would change the colour of your lips and teeth the more of it that you consume. It’s great to see brands that can laugh at themselves.

Landmine ketchup

9. Packaging can also promote a serious message

This award-winning design was featured on ketchup packages in New Zealand and makes a striking statement about landmine injuries around the world.

To Conclude

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