Branding Baby Food has Grown Up

Baby food has come a long way from the days of generic glass jars and monotonous flavour options. Today’s market is driven by a growing awareness of the significance of early nutrition and parents’ desire for convenient, nutritious options. The revenue of the baby food market in the UK reached over £1.4 billion in 2020 and is forecast to grow at a steady rate to reach almost £1.7 billion by 2025. From wholesome, homemade purees to a cornucopia of organic, ready-to-eat baby meals, the options for parents have expanded, and so have the branding strategies. In a saturated market, how can you ensure your baby food brand stands out?

Baby Food Branding and Packaging by Toast Food


Better food for babies

The branding of baby food nowadays revolves around the central idea of providing adequate nutrition. Brands are increasingly transparent about their ingredients, emphasising their use of wholesome, natural, and organic ingredients. Parents want to know what’s in the jar and are willing to pay a premium for the peace of mind that comes with trusted, high-quality ingredients.

Brands are now aligning with charities, nutritionists and paediatricians, who offer expert endorsements on the health benefits of their products. Switched-on brands also provide detailed nutritional information on their packaging, catering to parents who want to make informed choices.

Given recent controversies surrounding baby food safety, transparency and safety assurance are paramount in branding. Brands actively communicate their commitment to safety, quality control, and rigorous testing processes. Labels that indicate the absence of additives, artificial colours, and preservatives instil trust in consumers.

Flavour exploration and cultural diversity

Another noticeable trend is the introduction of diverse flavours. Neon-coloured strained peas are out, and baby food brands are moving away from the standard bland purees and introducing little ones to a world of exciting tastes. Parents increasingly seek international and diverse flavours that expose their children to a broader range of tastes and cultures.

The trend of using specific branding strategies for baby food is becoming more common.. Embodied by vibrant packaging featuring colourful and tasty images of the ingredients and finished dishes. Some brands collaborate with celebrity chefs to create exciting, baby-friendly menus that appeal to children and their parents.

Baby Food Branding and Packaging by Toast Food


Perfectly packaged portions

Brands are focusing on convenience, safety, and sustainability. Pouches, jars, and trays are designed to be easily opened, resealed, and often reused. Focusing on portion control, portion visualisation, and clear labels makes it easier for parents to serve the right amount.

Eco-friendly packaging is also a growing concern. Brands are investing in sustainable packaging materials and emphasising their commitment to reducing plastic waste. This ecologically driven message resonates with environmentally conscious parents.

Baby food brands are creating an experience, and fostering trust among parents who seek the best start in life for their little ones. As baby food brands continue to evolve in response to parents’ ever-changing needs and preferences, we can expect more innovations and enhancements in the years to come. We’ve been lucky enough to lend a helping hand to some of the UK’s favourite baby food brands, including Tom Pom Food and Goodness Gracious Foods. 

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