Your food or drink brand needs a solid foundation and this means having a strong brand strategy, our brand workshops are a great environment to get your strategy right from day one.

Here at Toast Food, we want to build food & drink brands that increase sales, improve brand loyalty and develop market share. By combining decades of experience with our dedication to treating every brand as unique entities, we ensure we completely understand brands requirements from the ground up.

Is Consultancy needed?

Quite often clients are looking for an independent party to provide an honest appraisal of their product and its brand and how it fares against current market trends. We are often asked to concentrate on a particular aspect of the brand strategy or investigate a specific challenge i.e. increase market share, improve shelf stand out etc. Similarly, we are often charged with identifying what isn’t working by clients that know something is wrong but can’t quite qualify a precise problem. Whatever the challenge, we can analyse, identify and advise on how to solve it through consultancy or a tailored workshop.

So why have a workshop?

Whatever stage a brand is at from development to decline, it can benefit from a brand strategy workshop. Workshops can be used to investigate a variety of challenges from questions around a brands naming or positioning, through to specific analysis of competitors or how a product fits within an existing product range. Our workshops for up to 8 people at a time are carried out at Toast Food HQ, and consist of 4 stages:

Review & Research undertaken before the workshop
Interviews & Workshop
Research & Investigation during and after the workshop
Final brand document created after the workshop.

Naming Workshops are popular for those looking for a brand name because...

..we go beyond the who, what, where and why and investigate the fundamental core values, the competitors that they sit next to on the shelf and focus on the unique features and benefits of your product or service.

Getting your brand name right can be an essential element to creating a strong and long-lasting brand and product range. We can help you to find your perfect brand name.

 It is only when we have this in-depth understanding of every facet of your offering that we start to outline potential product or brand names that are then discussed, challenged and shortlisted for testing.

We only develop the strongest solutions and the most commercially viable names and craft the outcomes into a thorough and detailed creative brief.

Don't just take our word for it...

"As a start-up business, this was our first experience working with a branding agency, so we were very grateful to find ourselves working with a team who were not only creative, but endlessly patient! We've already gone back for some follow-up design work and are looking forward to a long and fruitful (get it?!) partnership."

Ashley Cavers, Co-founder, The Wonky Food Company