Condiment complexity in branding can make it quite difficult to picture what shelf your product sits on and therefore what other brands it needs to compete against and stand out.

This challenge is where food branding and packaging are crucial and can make all the difference between getting on the shelf as much as standing out once there.

If you have a product in the condiments category, whether an established brand or a challenger brand determined to disrupt the status quo we offer the following insight:

Branding for Condiments by Toast Food

Being Shelf Ready is vital

However good your product tastes, it may not reach your chosen shelf unless its packaging is suitable for many stockists stringent demands on shipping, storage and presentation. Most retailers will want to ensure that your products are Retail Ready and Shelf Ready, with growing collaborations* between producers, designers and packaging companies.

Retail Ready is focused on correct labelling that ensures products have the essential information including a correct barcode, clear allergen information along with details on product weight and shelf life.

Shelf Ready is focused more on reducing the amount of handling and waste between the warehouse and the shop shelves but offers you the chance of better on-shelf branding and standout.

“We have worked with Chris and his team for some years now, and couldn’t be happier with the branding and label designs that they have created for us. Toast Food are a very professional team, capable of delivering the results we want. We look forward to working closely with them as our chosen design partner in the future”

Viktor and Lucy Zaichenko, The Honeymakers

Branding for Condiments by Toast Food

Satisfy rising eco-conscious consumer expectations

Consumer pressure is forcing retailers to consider the environmental impacts of plastics and the ability to recycle any and all packaging. The demands of retailers will only increase in this area and time spent on mitigating your exposure early can make all the difference with not just getting onto a shelf in the first place but ultimately staying there.

Toast Food is dedicated to playing its part and leading the way in the use of intelligent design to reduce waste and ensure the packing that we create for our clients. We are continually keeping up to date with trends and innovations and learning from organisations such as WRAP to allow us to be best placed to advise our clients on the latest developments and ensure they stay informed and ahead of their customer’s expectations and current legislation.

Having helped clients in the condiments category to create brands from scratch or evolve existing ones, Toast Food appreciates the nuances of the sector and the demands put on these products from correct product naming through to consistent design styles and considering which competitors these products are fighting for recognition against. If you have a product in this category and would like to know more about how we can help, talk to us today.


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