While brand stories are not the most crucial element food companies should place on their websites and packaging, they are proven to encourage more consumers to purchase the product.

Lots of companies get the process wrong, and that is why we wanted to create this blog post.

The information below will draw the reader’s attention towards the brand story process and offer some tips and tricks along the way.

Of course, it’s always sensible to employ the services of professionals if you want the best outcomes possible.

People who work in that niche every day will have a better understanding than anyone else when it comes to the right steps to take.

Why do you need a brand story?

Good question! Well, there are a couple of reasons that brand stories will benefit your food and drink company.

Firstly, lots of consumers want to know who produced the items they buy, and how they did it.

Your brand story is an excellent opportunity to tell the world something interesting about your company and highlight the production process.

Secondly, a compelling brand story will assist in educating consumers about the differences between your quality products, and the cheaper supermarket home brands that sit next to them on the shelves.

Lots of people know that no-frills food never tastes as desirable as some of the branded items available. However, sometimes companies have to provide some information to hammer that point home.

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Are there issues with creating a brand story?

It’s vital that all business owners take the right approach when it comes to writing their brand stories.

The information needs to be accurate and authentic for the best outcomes and be trusted.

There is no point in lying to consumers because that could get the company into trouble. Also, you will soon lose their confidence if the info on the packaging isn’t as accurate as possible.

Food and drink producers will also benefit from ensuring they don’t try to make the story their sole purpose consumers should buy their product.

Sure, it’s an essential piece of text, but it shouldn’t centre stage on the packaging.

If used on the packaging the brand story should be on the side, or the back, which allows the consumer to find out a bit more about the product, that extra selling point; such as who makes the item, how it’s created, or how the recipe came into being.

The first piece of information the consumer should see on food packaging is the type of product, then secondary info such as flavour, followed by fundamental points such as if it’s gluten-free or vegetarian, etc.

Do you have tips for creating a compelling brand story?

The most important tip we can give to all food and drinks specialists is to get in touch with branding specialists.

Experts in that field have all the knowledge required to write eye-catching brand stories as part of their services. However, some other tips and tricks should ensure company bosses don’t make the wrong moves.

  • Ensure your brand story is real, truly authentic, and resonates with the consumer.
  • Put the consumer first. Listen to them, and think about what makes them tick.
  • Stick to your brand story. Don’t adopt it over time, and above all else, be consistent!
  • Use the story carefully! If it goes onto packaging, use it on the side or back. It’s not the most important thing to the consumer, so just use it as a PR or marketing piece.

Toast Design has created a new department, explicitly aimed at working with food & drink brands, called Toast Food. It builds on the experience that we have working with start-up and grown-up food and drinks brands.

As part of that process, our team can assist food and drinks companies in making sure they get their brand story right. We can highlight any issues with the current approach, and then offer improvement suggestions based on our expertise.

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So, any professionals struggling with that process at the moment should contact us as soon as possible. We’ll work with you to ensure you always get the best outcomes from your efforts and spending.

A brand story is about more than just filling space on your packaging. It is the passage of text that could boost brand loyalty and encourage consumers to buy your product instead of a competitor’s.

So, don’t make the mistake of taking a half-hearted approach when it comes to writing the best story. While you need to keep it authentic, you also need to emphasise fascinating elements and facts to ensure you grip all readers. We can help with that, and we can build it into your brand guidelines so it sticks!

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