Proudly independent for over 25 years.

Toast was set up by three founders in 97′ and we’ve grown every year since.

We’re an agency with an informal and relaxed culture but we’re dead serious when it comes to creativity and how design should make a difference.

We’re also carbon neutral.

Big things.

We’re an upfront agency and have some simple rules for taking on projects.

  • We like to do everything in-house where possible, but if we feel we may need to use a trusted partner to deliver part of a project (such as in-depth market research) we’ll always say, and introduce you directly (if you wish)
  • We do not offshore any work and thoroughly vet any partners or suppliers
  • If we don’t think we can deliver what you need, we won’t take the project on
  • We will always advocate best-practice over saving money
  • We’re members of the Design Business Association, so we don’t free pitch for anything

Little things.

The founders at Toast believe that when you run your own business, you shouldn’t make it like every other business, so we do small things to make working at Toast fun, rewarding and enjoyable.

  • We live in an old townhouse in the centre of Banbury, Oxfordshire; it’s really practical for all staff and visiting clients and avoids lunchtime car use
  • Our staff are given time to train within the working day rather than their own time so they can actually develop their skills rather than cramming at a weekend or evening
  • We support local charities, give to our local food bank and donate £3,000 worth of our time every year to a local charity that needs some creative help
  • Appointments for the Dentist and so on don’t need a half-day off, they are taken as free time, and not a replacement for lunch!
  • We shut down over Christmas and give all staff 3-4 free extra days paid holiday
  • All staff get rewarded for their hard work
  • All staff get remote working options and flexible hours
  • You can bring your Dog to work

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