In the matrix of social media, what you see is what you get.

And if you aren’t hopping on the AI-generated image bandwagon just yet, we recommend you take a look.

Though, it’s understandable if you want to stick to the au naturel creation process.

Food Branding photography needs to make an impact of any kind.

Internet users are used to browsing through social media and judging things purely based on face value: so make yours polished and stand out.

Here are some incredibly basic tips to focus on.

Lighting is Key

Natural light is your best friend.

Opt for diffused natural light, such as near a large window, to avoid harsh shadows and highlight the intricate details.

Early morning or late afternoon sunlight provides a warm, soft glow that compliments the food.

Composition Matters

A well-composed photograph can change the quality of the dish.

Consider the rule of thirds, and change things around to create more visually appealing compositions.

Experiment with angles, such as overhead shots, 45-degree angles, or close-ups, to find the most flattering way to show the product.

Keep it Simple

Don’t overwhelm the frame with unnecessary elements.

A cluttered background or too many props can distract from the main focus.

Use minimal and relevant props that complement the dish and add the story you want to tell.

Freshness is Everything

Your food should look fresh and inviting.

Make sure the ingredients are vibrant and well-prepared.

Use garnishes like herbs or fresh fruit strategically to add pops of colour.

Play with Textures

  • Stimulate all the senses.
  • Highlight the different aspects of the product, like food or packaging elements.
  • Make the viewer want to interact with the food or drink.

White Balance and Colour

Correcting the white balance is crucial to make the colours in your photo appear true to life.

Adjust the settings on your camera or during post-processing to avoid any unwanted colour casts.

Shoot from Different Perspectives

Showcase the dish from various angles to give your audience a well-rounded view.

Capture the overall presentation and the details of the dish to create a story that the viewers can immerse themselves in.

Post-Processing Enhancements

Edit your photos and add those game-changing touch-ups.

Enhance the colours, brightness, contrast, motion blur and more, but be subtle.

Stay Authentic

Above all else, aim for authenticity.

Present the products as they are without exaggerating or misrepresenting them.

People will always find out if you’re lying.

What Now?

Post photos, even videos of your products to social media.

Make it seem like the accounts are run by an actual person and you’ll notice more engagement.

Practice different editing styles and experiment with what makes your branding photography speak most effectively for your brand.

If you’re not sure where to start, try speaking to Toast, we can help kickstart your branding process.

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