The food delivery boom and how it’s affected food branding

The Food Delivery Boom As tired hungover students in the late 90s, we shamelessly dreamed that somebody would bring a…

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Designing effective frozen food packaging

Frozen food packaging coming in from the cold Freezer food is no longer a last resort – it’s a rapidly…

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The Power of Minimalist Design in Food Packaging

Keeping it real (simple) with your food packaging makes a huge difference in the vibe of your product. But how much minimalism is too much?

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Understanding food packaging options

Choosing the right food packaging materials is a complex process that requires a balance between functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and cost.

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The Evolution of Food Packaging Design

Trends are pretty cyclical, but when technology and consumer demands change, the trend evolves with them. Understanding the history of your industry can really come in clutch.

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From Farm to Table: The Storytelling Power of Food Packaging

Food packaging goes beyond its practical function by having the power to tell a story and leave a lasting impact on consumers.

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Why Food Brands Should Embrace Eco-Friendly Packaging

Choosing more eco-friendly packaging is a big win for customers, food brands and the environment!

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Is food packaging design the only thing that sells your product?

We examine the role of design in projects small and large and investigate how it can improve the effectiveness of your work. Find out more

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What makes for effective food packaging design?

This question will split a room of designers and has prompted 100’s of articles online, so we decided to bring it down to our top 3 considerations.

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Five examples of interesting wine branding

Despite all of the mystery around buying good wine, most of us shop with our eyes rather than our palates when we’re treating ourselves to a bottle. The right wine branding will have your product flying off the shelves.

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9 innovative food packaging ideas to inspire your next project

Product packaging doesn’t have to be boring – here are nine examples of innovative packaging design.

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What makes effective packaging design?

What makes an effective packaging design has no doubt crossed your mind.

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Creative Packaging Design

When it’s the first thing customers see, it needs to be spot on!

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Alternatives to plastic food & drink packaging

Keeping up with innovations in alternatives to plastics.

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Packaging Innovations 2019

The Toast Food team took the short trip up to Birmingham to visit the Packaging Innovations Show at the NEC.

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