The launch of Happerley England and Lock29 in Banbury

Happerley England at Lock29 Banbury

On July 12th we were lucky enough to be invited to a morning in the Cotswolds at the launch of Happerley England, a national destination venue to celebrate food & drink provenance for England.

Happerley England will be situated in our home town of Banbury at Lock29, a state of the art food and drink environment in Castle Quay shopping centre. Making use of a 30,000sqft space previously occupied by BHS.

The launch event was hosted by TV presenter and Cotswold farmer Adam Henson, who unveiled the plans alongside a panel of stakeholders and representatives, including Matthew Rymer CEO and founder of Happerley and Celebrity Masterchef winner and former England Rugby Captain Phil Vickery.

Launch of Happerley England in the Cotswolds

Meeting the team behind Happerley and Lock29 was inspiring for us and their messages resonated with many of the themes that we discuss with our own food & drink clients, that consumers are looking for more transparency from the brands that they buy, more honesty, clearer labelling and less confusing messages and icons.

Happerley is dedicated to stamping out food fraud and giving power back to the consumer. Food & drink brands can sign up to Happerley and whether it’s beef, cheese or bread, the consumer can trace every core ingredient instantly back to the farms (or fishing boat) of it’s origins, combating the alarming £12billion (real figure estimated to be as much as £60billion) food fraud costs the UK annually.

Happerley’s founder and CEO, farmer Matthew Rymer said
“Happerley England is a focus, a celebration and a centre for the very finest food and drinks that have complete provenance. In too many cases the consumer is being misled. To my mind, it should be a basic right and expectation for the consumer to know where the food and drink they’ve purchased has come from”

“The reality of food production is being smoke-screened. You’d be surprised how many brands do not want to identify their supply chain. Happerley England stands for delivering honesty and communicating that on behalf of everyone. It’s a beacon of transparency.”

Lock29 is going to be a ground-breaking independent food and leisure destination centre, the country’s first national centre for provenance, it will house a casual screening venue for secret cinema clubs and educational activities, creating a multifunctional events space at its centre, delivering a unique and memorable space in the centre of Banbury. Partnering with Happerley England will give farmers, suppliers and producers a platform to champion their ‘Gold Standard’ produce, This is very exciting news for us at Toast, not only is the purpose and messaging of Happerley music to our ears, but having a national centre for Food & Drink provenance right here in our town of Banbury is going to be fantastic and we can’t wait!.

Here’s a short promotional video about the launch of Happerley England at Lock29.

Happerley England at Lock29 will open in March 2020, keep updated at
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