Briscoes Jellyments Logo Design by Toast Food


Paula and Jon Briscoe launched Briscoes Jellies and their new range of condiments in 2015, mixing traditional jelly making techniques with modern recipes to create wonderful flavour-packed jellies for all occasions and types of dish.

After testing the market and finding that people loved their jellies, they wanted to create a look and feel that matched the quality of their product and would take them to the next level and be stocked in more stores.


After meeting with Paula and Jon, it was great to see how passionate and knowledgeable they were about their products and they were already full of ideas of what they wanted to do with the brand.

It was clear to us that this was a great opportunity for them, not just because of how great their jellies taste, but how versatile they are, with there being a jelly for almost every dish and occasion, this makes what they do unique.

We needed to build on what they had and create a suitable product logo design, branding and packaging design that helped to get these excellent products in front of more people,

Briscoes Jellyments Branding & Packaging Design
Briscoes Jellyments Branding by Toast Food


The solution that we thought of with Jon and Paula was to think about the hierarchy of the different flavours in the range that allows the consumer to understand what the products are and how to use them.

The first part of this was to show what each jelly was meant for, coining the phrase “Jellyment”, for example, “A Mint Jellyment for Lamb” or “A Chilli Jellyment for Cheese”, and the 2nd part was to number each “Jellyment”, this shows that there are many in the range, adding to the versatility of the products.

The brand styling builds on what they had originally but has a feeling of luxury and timelessness, that wouldn’t look out of place on any kitchen side. The design also allows for more products to be brought into the range over time without breaking the hierarchy.

We loved working on this project and very proud of the end result, we’re sure many people will have a Briscoe’s Jellyment in their kitchen soon.

“A huge thank you to Chris and the team at Toast Food for assisting us with our rebranding project. It’s been a pleasure to have a design partner that listened to the brief, challenged our thoughts along the way and delivered a result that surpassed our expectation – we’re delighted with the results and interest in our range has soared as a result, many thanks!”

Jon Briscoe, Co-founder, Briscoe’s Jellies

Briscoes Jellyments Lavender Jelly Branding & Packaging

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