The Jungle Nigerian Stew Branding


Leo, a Londoner with Nigerian parents has fond memories of the Nigerian Red Stew made by his family as a child growing up and also of what he tasted when visiting family in Nigeria.

He had an idea to start up a food brand here that could bring an authentic red stew to the UK and The Jungle was born. Leo then turned to Toast Food to help him to create branding and packaging designs that would get him started.


Our first port of call was to have an initial consultation with Leo, finding out more about the origin of Nigerian Red Stew and his plans for the brand. Then following the stages of our brand design process, we set about creating a fitting brand design for The Jungle.

The brand and product packaging design needed to look and feel authentic, yet modern enough to stand out on the shelves in today’s busy marketplace, and help consumers to understand what it is and how to use it. The design would also need to be adaptable to work across a range of sizes and formats.

Nigerian Branding and Packaging Design by Toast Food
The Jungle Nigerian Red Stew Brand Design startup food branding
The Jungle - Nigerian Stew Brand and Packaging Design


The bright colour scheme creates a vibrant and eye-catching brand and packaging design that has an authentic yet edgy, modern style. This gives The Jungle a strong brand identity and a great starting point to build his business from, allowing the packaging design to be noticed on the shelves and marketing materials that stand out from the crowd.  We also created a range of marketing posters to promote the brand in a consistent and eye-catching way.

The Jungle - Nigerian Stew Brand and Packaging Design

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