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The Wonky Fruit Company was born after brother and sister John and Ashley became frustrated with the amount of food waste which ends up in landfill. Currently, globally, one-third of all food produced is wasted. That’s about 1.3 billion tonnes every year. In the UK alone, we let 40% of everything we grow to rot, simply because it isn’t pretty enough for the shop shelf.

Teaming up with professional caterer Laura to create recipes including chilli tomato, onion and green pepper and lime relishes, made from misshapen or marked fruit and veg, considered too ugly for many supermarkets, they received great feedback from stockists including the Midcounties Co-operative Supermarkets.

In order to better reflect its product range and big ambitions in tackling the problem of food waste, Wonky Fruit was to be renamed as The Wonky Food Company and the team turned to Toast Food to help them to rebrand.


Our initial approach with the Wonky team was to carry out a branding strategy workshop to find out more about their proposition, plans and ideas for the brand. We discussed vital elements such as core values, key messages and target audiences, all with a view to creating solid foundations for the brand strategy that we would build the new brand identity from.

Upon completion of the work carried out in our fruitful brand strategy workshop, we then moved on to the creative stages. Following our design process to research the competition and brand styles to gain a clear understanding of potential styling, we created initial concepts and developed those concepts through to final brand identity and innovative packaging design for the initial range of three products, with a view to communicating the key messages outlined in the workshop.

The Wonky Food Company Branding and Packaging by Toast Food


We looked to create a strong and recognisable brand identity for the Wonky Food Company that looks different to the other relishes and preserves on the market place and gives the consumer an idea of what makes the product unique as early on as possible.

At the same time, it was important that the product looks professional and therefore trustworthy to create the feeling of a quality product. The Wonky Food Company products taste great and it would be a real shame if they were missed on the shelves.

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The Wonky Food Branding & Packaging by Toast Food
The Wonky Food Company Branding and Packaging by Toast Food
The Wonky Food Company Branding and Packaging by Toast Food

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