Toast Food have created the branding and packaging for a range Swiss based healthy eating snack bars and cookies

Freely Handustry Foods Branding Toast Food


Freely Handustry is a Swiss-based food company created by Léa and Marcel, who founded the company to give everyone the chance to enjoy delicious and healthy food products that are made using only natural ingredients.
Being vegan (Léa) and gluten & lactose intolerant (Marcel) they wanted to create food products that bring people together. To achieve that, they only use organic ingredients that are free from gluten, dairy, eggs and soy.


Freely Handustry approached Toast Food to create branding and packaging design for their new range of vegan and free-from chocolate bars and we jumped at the chance. They were looking for bright and attractive design that conveyed the products key messages and benefits while appealing to their target audience.

The design would need to be versatile to allow future products to be created and use the same design style. The design would also need to work in both Swiss and English, as the plan for the products was to sell them across Europe.


The first stage of our process is to review the competition and the marketplace with the client, researching trends and styles, this helps to agree on a direction for the new branding. We then set about to create branding and packaging that clearly communicates key messaging and appeals to the target audiences. The packaging design is clean, uncluttered and purposefully colourful to dictate flavour with a clear image of how the product looks on pack.

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