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Hachacha is the perfect blend to make authentic ‘homemade’ tasting curry dishes. No more crying over chopped onions, diced garlic and painstakingly measuring spices. No more gloopy jar sauces. Each product has been fully taste-tested to ensure that you can get straight on with cooking without all the fiddly preparation work.


Following initial discussions with the creators of Hachacha, we set to work on sketching out initial concepts and ideas for the branding and packaging, as we do with all branding projects. The sketches were presented to the client who picked their favourites to move through to the development stages, where we shape-up the style, colours and treatments to bring our ideas to life. And with a few rounds of amends and tweaks here and there, we were ready to apply the new identity to the range of four curry packs.



This was an enjoyable project to work on and the team at Hachacha collaborated well with us to bounce ideas around and try different things out. The end result is an eye-catching brand identity and pack design that has personality and flavour, setting them in good stead to add more flavours to the range in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for Hachacha on the shelves near you

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