Tasty naming, bakery brand design & shop design for this excellent Leamington Spa Bakery

Haddie & Trilby Bakery Brand Design by Toast Food


George Casey is the man behind Haddie & Trilby, the only Real Bakery in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. George was looking for an agency that could help him to define his naming, offering and create a compelling brand identity that would allow him to create the business he had always dreamed of.


Toast Food worked with George to investigate and develop the name and bakery brand design for his new venture. It was identified that the bakery had to have a strong link with Leamington Spa to ensure that it could instantly establish a deep-seated relationship with its core market.

Haddie & Trilby Bakery Brand Design by Toast Food

Haddie & Trilby Bakery Brand Design by Toast FoodHaddie & Trilby Bakery Brand Design by Toast Food


The name Haddie & Trilby comes from a locally well-known Victorian circus based in Leamington around 150 years ago. The circus had key attractions, two elephants called Haddie and Trilby. This led to the perfect name for the new bakery, and plenty of talking points for George when talking to customers. The brand was brought to life by applying it to everything from shop front designs, signage and staff materials as well as marketing materials.

See our interview with George from Haddie & Trilby here, where he shares some of his insights and advice for anyone looking to start-up a new food brand.


What our client says...

“Toast Food listened to our needs and worked quickly, effectively and efficiently to realise our vision for Haddie & Trilby. They are creative, highly talented, perceptive, affordable and most importantly, lovely people. I would recommend them to anyone who is setting out on the difficult journey to create a brand that will last the test of time.” 

George, Haddie & Trilby

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