Appey Branding


The client behind The Hot British Drinks Co. approached Toast Food to create a brand identity for the company and its first product, Appey.

Appey began life as a homemade cordial made using fruit and vegetables grown in a Warwickshire garden and the creator wanted to bring the recipe to a wider audience. It’s a British hot drink alternative to tea or coffee, it’s caffeine-free, free from artificial additives and made with only fruit and vegetable juices, so it’s packed with goodness!


Following an initial briefing meeting with the team behind The Hot British Drinks Co, we started working on big ideas for the brand identity of the company, following our full branding process. Starting with big ideas in sketch format, these are presented to the client, who picked their favourites to move through the development stages, adding in styling and colour treatment to create the final identity. Once the branding for The Hot British Drinks Co was finalised we could then begin work on the branding and packaging of its first product, Appey.

Appey Drink Branding and Packaging


We’re very happy with the resulting brand identity for The Hot British Drinks Co and the look and feel of Appey. The company branding allows for future products to sit underneath the brand name without breaking it and Appey looks great on the shelf.

Because of the nature of the product is that it cannot be drunk straight from the bottle, it was important that the design of the label educated the consumer so they understand what Appey is, what the key benefits are and how to use it. We feel that the design does this very well without being cluttered or confusing.

Appey Drink Branding and Packaging
Appey Drink Branding and Packaging

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