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Kay Katwa is a nutritional therapist living and working in London, with a deep knowledge of nutrition. Her passion and respect for herbs and spices stems from a childhood where her earliest memories are firmly planted in the kitchen, surrounded by spices and herbs whilst cooking wholesome, vegetarian food with the family. It was here that the seeds of Surya Prana Nutrition started to grow.

Using those early experiences of Ayurveda and her interest in nutrition, Kay trained as a nutritional therapist and embarked on a journey to discover a high-quality whole root turmeric powder that matched the quality of the power found in the store cupboards of her family whilst growing up. Kay found a very special turmeric powder that she wanted to use to form products that would help others. Kay then founded Surya Prana and turned to Toast Food to help her to create a brand identity that matched her vision and ambition, and packaging that could help take her nutritional products to market.


Following our initial discussion with Kay, it was clear to us how passionate and knowledgeable she was about health and nutrition. Our brief was to create a brand for her that conveyed authority and looked trustworthy in a confusing marketplace, and at the same time it needed to have a premium and elegant style. The Surya Prana product line would develop and evolve over time too, so the branding needed to be flexible enough to work on various packaging formats.

The Sanskrit translation of ‘Surya’ is sun and ‘Prana’ is vital energy or life force and we wanted to represent these elements into the design in some way too.

Surya Prana Nutrition Packaging Design
Surya Prana Nutrition Packaging
Surya Prana Nutrition Packaging Design


The end result is a clean and simple design, but iconic and authoritative with a timeless feel. It features the mandala, a well-known symbol of spirituality and well-being and works very well here as it also represents the sun and life force elements of the Surya Prana name.

All key information is listed in a clear, uncluttered and elegant style, vital for the nutrition market when there are lots of confusing messages in this marketplace.
Since launch the design style has also been applied to stationery, promotional materials and a website design, all helping to build a strong and recognisable brand identity, vital for any new brand

We’ve really enjoyed working on the project with Kay, who was fantastic throughout the design process, engaged and collaborative, we wish her every success and look forward to watching the Surya Prana Nutrition brand go from strength to strength.

Surya Prana Nutrition Packaging Design
Surya Prana Nutrition Branding Business Cards
Surya Prana Branding and Packaging

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