A fresh branding solution for a super nutritional drink


Our client wanted to launch a new range of Aronia berry drinks and powders and turned to Toast Food to help them.
Aronia berry (chokeberry) is a berry like no other, it's been stepping up rapidly in the world of nutrition and according to many nutrition experts, it's one of the most nutrient-rich foods out there, it's packed with natural anthocyanins and other polyphenolic compounds which are a powerful antioxidant.


Toast Food were tasked with creating the name and the brand styling for the new brand, as well as applying this to a range of bottle and box designs.
Starting with the naming side of things, we brainstormed potential brand names, we wanted to find a name that would convey a feeling of goodness and health that would work for the initial range of drinks, but also for a range of snack boxes that the business owners had planned.


We presented a selection of potential brand names that we thought worked well for both the initial range but offered plenty of flexibility for future ranges too. "The Source" was chosen and has successfully being trademarked, this provides the client the brand protection to be able to build their name brand with confidence.

Once we had the new brand name, we then started work on the creative, creating the brand styling for the drink range, packaging and support promotional materials. Creating a vibrant and professional range of products for our clients to take to market.



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