Branding a range of innovative plant-based food products for the vegan market

Ross & Ross Vegan Range Vegan Branding


Ross & Ross are well-known favourites of the food and drink industry. Constantly introducing new and exciting food products into the marketplace. We're very lucky to have worked with the guys at Ross & Ross since their early days. When we created their original branding and packaging design.

Following the success of the launch of their range of roast rubs, glazes and dust. Ross & Ross created a range of plant-based products and turned to Toast Food to develop their branding and packaging design to suit the plant-based and vegan market.


In recent years the vegan market has grown quickly with lots of innovation. So it's already quite a busy marketplace, as innovators it was natural that Ross and Ross would look to adapt their products for the vegan market. But the key question was around how this would be communicated and structured. Our first port of call was to meet with Ross & Ross to discuss how best to position the new range of products within the vegan market.

Once the direction was agreed, we then set about to create a range of design concepts. The focus being that the design style for this range made it clear that the products are plant-based, but also fit into the Ross & Ross family too. Looking how we would communicate the styling to suit the market and portray key messages and benefits.


The final result is an eye-catching and attractive range of plant-based food products. Created to capture the attention of the vegan market and the flexitarian market too. The new design compliments the existing Ross & Ross range, and also sits well within the vegan and plant-based products on the shelves. The design has also being created to allow for future product development to fit into this range easily.

The new range will launch with an initial 5 veggie rubs that can be used across a wide-variety of dishes and food types.

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