Chris Tymon

Creative Director

I’m the creative director at Toast, I look after our client’s design assets to ensure that everything we create for them looks how it should, works hard and is effective.

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Adam Buttress

Lead Designer

I’m a senior designer at Toast. Everything should be as visually interesting as possible!

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Mark Williams

Design Director

I’m the production director at Toast, I manage and organise our clients work through the design studio, ensuring deadlines are met and within budget.

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Justin Brown


I work in the print team with Mark and Nick and do a bit of everything!

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Nick Day


I work on the print team, designing everything from adverts to logos.

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David Foreman

Managing & Digital Director

I’m MD at Toast, so as well as getting involved in creative projects, I also manage the business and direction of Toast. I also lead the digital department.

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Simon Browne


My title at Toast is Brand Strategy, but what I do is a lot simpler – I help people solve problems.

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Charlotte Brown

Web Designer, Dev & SEO

I’m a website designer, developer and SEO lead here at Toast.

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Aaron Jones

Lead Developer

I am the Lead Developer in the digital team, building websites, writing jQuery, helping our support clients and also building Toast plugins for our websites.

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Devan Cadman

Junior Developer

A Junior Developer at Toast. I help the other developers by designing and building WordPress websites, ensuring they are Responsive.

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Jake Haines

Trainee Developer

I’m a trainee Web Developer at Toast. I am currently learning everything I need to know about coding and WordPress.

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Kati Lacey

Research, Planning & Content management

I help to plan websites and manage the content side of projects, helping clients to organise and optimise all the content for their websites.

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Kelly Dudley

Copy & Content

I’m a content editor at Toast. Content is king and I am its most humble advisor.

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Janine Burgess

Book keeper

I’m the chief holder of purse strings here at Toast.

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