If you are considering the branding of a pub there are a host of challenges to consider from issues around renaming a pub to the correct positioning of the brand with your prospective customers.

We share our top tips to help you through the task, relevant to branding a new venture or rebranding an existing pub.

Know your audience.

It is essential that you have a clear understanding of the target customers you want your pub to appeal to.

Build customer personas so that you can picture that customer and anticipate their wants and needs from your pub. Prioritise your personas, there will be a few as customers looking for food are very different to those looking to become ‘regulars’.

Target customers can change depending on the time of day as lunchtime may have a very different profile to evening customers. By knowing who you want to engage and what their key demands are, you will have the know-how to make your bar stand out and be able to tailor and position your brand effectively.

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Branding application across an estate of pubs.

We help Peach Pubs manage their branding across all the pubs in their estate.

Each has its own unique brand, story and character, but the overall branding is managed via a central identity.

Pub corporate identity

Refresh or rebrand?

As mentioned earlier, renaming a pub has a host of different challenges beyond potentially alienating existing customers and eliminating any historic recognition. Saying that there are several reasons why this is desirable if the pub has a particularly bad reputation or brand image.

Repositioning your pub brand and moving from one customer profile to another can be done via a subtle refresh or by a bold new brand – consider which is best for your needs.

Attack of the clones.

If the pub is part of a larger group then a lot of the branding guidance should be provided by the parent organisation, but it is still essential that the pub retains something that makes it distinct from the other pubs.

Finding a unique aspect and applying it within existing brand guidelines is essential to avoid the pub becoming a carbon copy or clone. We worked with Peach Pubs on a number of their pubs and each one reflects both the core values of the group as well as the unique nature of the venue.

Balance is key.

Pub & Bar promotion ideas.

2022 has seen the welcome return of people to pubs and this should be seen as an opportunity to consider bar ideas to bring in customers and re-establish your pubs brand with your ideal customers.

During the last few years, pubs have had to adapt to incredible changes to legal requirements for opening a bar that saw people forced into changing habits and routines and seeing pubs in a new light.

The absence has for some, reinforced the importance of community and friendship that pubs offer as others have embraced food as an essential part of their business.

New trends such as vegan-only menus are gaining traction but need to be supported by the pub’s branding to ensure they are not seen as a fad or temporary promotion. Promotions should be brand-led and not vice versa – every promotion should strengthen the brand and not dilute key messages.

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