Brand Implementation – may be known by a range of different names from brand application, brand deployment, brand delivery, brand realisation….whatever you call it – it is the point where a brand starts to mature and deliver on its promises. This may involve a variety of different channels and an even broader range of media from staff uniforms and equipment through to social media graphics and sales support materials.

The greater the scope of implementation, the larger the risk of the brand being at least miscommunicated or diluted or at worst confused and damaged.

Considering the range of channels that are available today for brands to communicate through, it is not surprising that an uncontrolled approach has the capacity to do so much damage.

46% of a brand’s image comes from what they say, and how they say it

How does this happen?

Brands can suffer from poor implementation for a number of reasons from bad planning through to incompetent or inexperienced designers.
Whatever the reason, the implications for brands and their companies can be huge.
Poorly managed implementation can cause c
onfusion, distrust, loss of integrity, loss of market share.

"67% of marketers believe their senior leaders don’t appreciate the potential value of a strong brand."

Market research and consumer insights confirm that customers today are far more aware of branding and expect consistency in messaging, tone and imagery when engaging with their chosen brands and any contradiction will be met with concern and distrust.

"90% of users expect to have the same branding across all platforms/channels."

Brand Implementation - KFC by Toast Food

The solution? - planning for success is key

The brand lifecycle is an instantly recognisable graph that shows the most predictable, or desirable path of the average brand. It is clear that the last 3 stages make up the majority of the brands lifetime, yet the first phase of the introduction often gets the lion share of the marketing spend. We appreciate that getting the brand right from the beginning is important but without well thought out support you will never see the returns you want.

Support is essential for growth

Investment, especially in the growth phase is essential to maximise ROI on a brand lifetime. Recent polls have found that:

"Consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%" Source

This shows that consistency in the application of a brand across channels is more than key for growth. It is essential. Can you afford to get it wrong?

Brand Implementation - Haddie & Trilby - Toast Food

So how do you achieve consistent branding?

 It is vital that the designers who are working on materials created in the growth and maturity stages understand your brand inside and out. And that they are as passionate about its success as you are. The designers do not have to be the ones that created the brand, although this familiarity would certainly help.
However they have to be conversant in every facet of the identity and its core values.

"Only 60% of marketers think their brand is well aligned with their long term goals" Source

 Here at Toast Food we have worked with both brands we have been lucky enough to create ourselves and others where didn’t, but believe the work we do allows all brands to live and grow to its full potential.

Brand Implementation - The Thatch Thame - Toast Food and Peach Pubs

Over the years we have met clients that have had brand guidelines but have failed to apply them correctly, a fact supported by independent research.

 "95% of companies have formal brand guidelines"

"Only 25% of brands actually stick to their brand guidelines" Source

We believe that taking the time to get on board with our clients’ brands allows us to ensure that every project we do from in-store promotions & shelf wobblers through to exhibition stands and sales support materials are not only consistently on-brand but contribute to the brand story and life of the brand.

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