We are Toast: a design agency specialising in the food sector. We serve up tasty design work on a daily basis.

We’re a team of designers that have the experience our start-up food brand clients need to deliver what they need when they need it.

We understand the design pressures that are unique to new food brands; attention to detail, turnaround and creativity, and we consistently deliver on all three.

Toast partners with startups, challenger and established food brands to produce on-brand design work to tight deadlines and sensible budgets.

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Recent design work

startup food branding Baby Food Branding and Packaging by Toast Food
Vive Protein Bar Branding and Packaging by Toast Food
Ross & Ross Vegan Branding by Toast Food
Vegan Snack Bar Branding and Packaging by Toast Food
Unique Chocolate Branding
Ross and Ross Branding

Helping Jack & Bry roll out their branding.

We help the start-up, Jack & Bry, by applying their branding to packaging and a range of other items.

Our team design everything for them, ensuring it’s all on-brand and turned around promptly.

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What we do.

On-demand design services for foodies and their brands, whether you grow it, make it, cook it or market it, we help you sell it.

We can also help you with other aspects of your product’s journey, but our favourite dish is design-done-right.

From the blog.

Condiment Branding

Branding for Condiments

Condiment complexity in branding can make it quite difficult to picture what shelf your product sits on.

Advice for Start-Up Food Brands

Here’s some straightforward advice for foodie startups.

Branding Vegan Food by Toast Food

Branding Vegan Food

The Vegan sector is exploding. We can help you with Vegan product branding.

Who we work with.

We work with anyone in the food sector that needs help with design and creativity.

You may already have (and spent a small fortune on) your strategy and branding, so we step in to apply this to everything, from your brand identity to your packaging and website. We call this brand application.

Why you might want to work with us.

For some of our clients, we pick up where a larger branding agency finishes. Getting your bread and butter creative done by a huge agency costs a fortune. We’re smaller, more agile and cost-effective. Deal directly with the designers.

Larger brands brief us and get the design delivered with zero fuss.

Smaller brands use us because we’re more cost-effective with no compromise on quality.

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Creating a brand identity for Cotswold Gold.

We helped the team at CG to apply their logo to a new range of freshly-designed elements from brand illustrations to packaging.

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Our Story.

Toast was formed in 1997 by three graphic designers, fresh out of University.

Since then we’ve worked on a wide range of food company logos, food logo ideas and food packaging branding.

Now with 15 staff, we’re an experienced company that works with popular and lesser know food brands to deliver design.

We work across the whole spectrum of food-related design services: from artwork to websites and everything in-between.

What we charge.

We’re experienced in working with startups and brand managers so our charges for projects are simple and affordable.

Brand application.

For brand application work, we’ll provide a fixed cost for projects based on the deliverables and time required.

Larger project?

Not a problem. For logo and brand work, we provide a proposal based on the brief and generally work to a fixed cost against a fixed project scope.

Upfront and honest.

A proposal from Toast for your project or design needs will cost you nothing.

Get started

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