Jeeves and Jericho – The Artisan Teasmiths pride themselves on their artisan hand-blended, hand-picked loose leaf tea. They source directly from the finest tea gardens around the globe and bring them back to their headquarters in Oxfordshire, harnessing the traditions and quality of loose-leaf teas with a fresh, fun and contemporary approach to tea-making.

Since its inception, the company has had a strong appreciation of the power of strong branding and design, using the talents of illustrator Nic Brennan to illustrate characters for each of its teas. This gives them a strong sense of identity so that they stand out among similar-looking tea brands. They needed to rethink tea branding and packaging design as the range was expanding and new competitors coming into the marketplace.

Jeeves & Jericho had reached a point where they needed a full-service design agency to work with them to develop the brand and they approached Toast Food to see what we could do.


Upon meeting with the team at Jeeves and Jericho, it was clear to see how passionate they are about their brand and the products that they create – a perfect match for us. They had a great brand style that they had created but now required the services of a full-service design agency to help them to take the brand to the next level.

We held a strategic brand management meeting with the team to discuss their plans for the business, identifying targets and goals, key markets and personas. This gave us a thorough understanding of everything about the brand and its requirements in both the short term and long term.

Brand consistency
Jeeves and Jericho Tea branding and packaging
Jeeves and Jericho Tea Packaging Design by Toast Food


Following the brand workshop, we have worked with Jeeves & Jericho to create a strong and consistent brand identity that works across all brand elements including packaging, marketing and promotional materials, brochure design, exhibition designs for that year’s London Coffee Festival and point of sale design, website design and social media marketing. We’ve worked with them and photographer Richard Tymon to create stylised bespoke, on-brand images for Jeeves & Jericho. These can be used for their marketing and stockist support, strengthening the brand even further.

We’ve loved working with Jeeves and Jericho to develop their brand. They’re very knowledgeable and very passionate about what they do and we collaborate well together. We’ve taken the time to understand their brand, products and goals. And as a result of this, we’re equally passionate about helping them to realise their ambitions and we believe that it will only go from strength to strength.

Visit Jeeves and Jericho and buy some of their excellent teas at

Jeeves and Jericho Tea Brochure Design
Matcha Branding by Toast Food
Jeeves and Jericho Tea branding and packaging
Jeeves and Jericho Website

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