Chocolate Branding and Packaging by Toast Food


Toast Food was approached by Keylink, the UK’s leading supplier of chocolate and chocolate products and ingredients. They are the company behind a range of nine Chocolate at Home kits, which had been on the market for a year.

We were approached to rethink the chocolate branding and packaging for these kits. There was a clear need for the brand and packaging to convey not only the fun and exciting experience offered by these kits, but also the professional-grade ingredients and cooking materials included.


Key stakeholders attended a brand architecture workshop at Toast. Here we investigated every detail of the product, its target market, the competition and their expectations.

One of the team used one of the kits with their own children to get a hands-on experience of the kits. The insight gained from using the kits combined with our strategy workshop was shared and agreed upon, along with a detailed creative brief.

Chocolate Branding and Packaging by Toast Food
Chocolate Branding and Packaging by Toast Food
Chocolate at Home Branding & Packaging Sketches


Using the agreed creative brief and following our creative process, we created the new brand identity for Chocolate at Home and applied the new brand styling to pack design for the nine different kits. This involved the art direction of bespoke photography for each kit. The new branding and packaging is a marked improvement on the previous design and has been well received and has resulted in the kits being stocked in some key target retailers.

Find out more about chocolate branding on our blog post.

Chocolate branding by Toast Food

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