The Kombucha Tea Co Branding and Packaging Design

Kombucha has been very popular in the US for some time now, thanks to its health benefits. Toast Food has created the branding and packaging of a new brand in the growing UK kombucha market.

Kombucha Branding


Daniel Jones is the man behind The Kombucha Tea Co. Having spent a lot of time in the US, Daniel tried lots of kombucha over there and saw its potential. He did his research and decided that the time was right to engage a branding agency to bring an authentic and quality kombucha tea product to the UK. He turned to Toast Food to help with branding and packaging kombucha drinks for the UK market.


Toast was briefed to provide brand strategy, naming and brand design for Daniel's new kombucha brand. Following a very interesting and successful brand workshop at Toast Food, it was agreed that we needed to create a simple, honest and yet authoritarian name for the brand and after a few different options The Kombucha Tea Co was born.

Kombucha Brand Design The Kombucha Tea Company Pomengranatel Flavour Branding and Packaging by Toast Food


The brand design is deliberately elegant, grown-up and stripped back, with nothing to hide. We chose a clear, confident packaging design aesthetic with no gimmicky elements. The live culture in the product is proudly visible through a see-through label as that’s the good stuff, as the live culture is what provides all of the health benefits. It was identified in the brand workshop that to hide the product behind a solid wrap-around label would be a bad idea as we wanted the consumer to understand the product and its live culture nature.

As with all start-up brands that we work with, we aim to create drink branding and packaging that can flex and develop as the business grows.

The brand workshop that we provided at the beginning of the project gives the brand a solid foundation to grow from and helps to ensure that all key messages and communications are consistent and on-brand, building trust in the eyes of the consumer.

We at Toast Food also have a thorough understanding of where Daniel aims to take the brand in the future, and we aim to help him with a variety of services to achieve his goals.

Group Image of The Kombucha Tea Company Branding and Packaging by Toast Food

What our client says…

"Working with Toast Food has been great. I approached them with nothing but an idea to start a drinks company. We worked together in building the brand I now have today. That's everything from the company name, logo, what the bottle and packaging would look like, the website, and all marketing materials. They were professional, a joy to work with, and most importantly, the work they produced is excellent. If anyone is in the same position as I was, and is looking for a partner to help build their brand, I'd recommend Toast Food."

Daniel Jones, Owner, The Kombucha Tea Company 

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