innovative wine branding and packaging - Wine Label Design by Toast Food


Garçon Wines are the innovators and inventors of multi-award-winning, full-size, flat wine bottles. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET, they’re 100% recyclable and 87% lighter than traditional glass wine bottles.

Wine bottles had changed very little in the last two centuries. We’re now in an age where climate change and plastic recycling has never been as talked about. Garçon Wines have revolutionised the wine bottle industry with a more sustainable, eco-friendly and efficient solution to traditional glass wine bottles. The bottles are strong and durable, allowing great wine to be delivered in the finest condition, directly through letterboxes.


Toast Food was excited to be selected as the brand design partner for Garçon Wines and we were tasked with creating a range of exciting new wine label designs for their entire launch range. Alongside the new wine label design, we also created designs for the postal wine boxes too.

Our brief was to create designs that matched the client’s vision for innovation. At the same time, it was vital that the design style represented a quality wine product, and not just a gimmick. Wine label designs have to convey the spirit and character of the wine the bottle holds, whilst also reflecting the underlying core values of the company that created it.

Wine Label Design by Toast Food
innovative wine branding and packaging - Wine Label Design by Toast Food
Wine Label Design by Toast Food
innovative wine branding and packaging - Wine Label Design by Toast Food


The result is a range of exciting and vibrant wine label designs that portray a feeling of quality. We sourced a series of interesting and varied illustrations and images that we then incorporated them into elegant wine label designs. The design and image selection gives the client flexibility when developing their range, meaning they can create on-brand and consistent images quickly and easily.

The postal box features design elements that communicate key brand messages. These will allow the brand to be noticed while the box travels through the postal system, which is vitally important at launch stage for any new product as this draws attention to the uniqueness of the product

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Wine Label Design by Toast Food

What our client says…

‘Working with Toast Food was a great experience. They were incredibly helpful and responded to our numerous demands professionally and efficiently. They really understood what we wanted to achieve and delivered on the brief to an incredibly high standard. The final label designs are beautiful.’

Alisdair Easton, Business Development Manager, Garçon Wines

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