Creating new food brands or developing existing ones, our experience, knowledge and process means that we're ready to create the correct brand identity for your customers and market place.

Here at Toast, we have a real passion for every aspect of food brand design, we eat, sleep and breathe food brands. We regularly visit food festivals, exhibitions and seek out insights wherever we can find them from detailed desk research to sharing food brands we have found with colleagues. This desire to work within the industry, rather than just on it, is reflected in the work we create – brands driven by insight and appreciation.

Great food brands don't just happen, they are as carefully crafted and cared for as the products they represent. Over the years we have considered ourselves lucky to work with brand managers and brand owners of many shapes and sizes, but the thing that joined them all is their passion for their brands and their development.

Brand Identity Design for food & drink by Toast Food
The Artisan Kitchen Jam Branding by Toast Food
Toast Food Cotswold Design Agency Huffkins
Toast Food Cotswold Food & Drink Ross & Ross
Toast Food Cotswold Food & Drink Hook Norton Brewery
Jeeves & Jerciho Tea Branding by Toast Food
Goodness Gracious Baby Food Branding by Toast Food
Ue Coffee Branding by Toast Food
Chocolate Branding by Toast Food

Better communication = better brands

We love working directly with our clients and their brands and wherever possible ensure that the person who is responsible for creating the creative solutions is also the dedicated point of contact for all account management responsibilities. This approach benefits everyone involved, but most importantly the brands. By reducing the number of people directly involved in the creation and development of the finished brand cuts down on the time and budgets involved and actively reduces the chance of miss-communication or mixed messages. This personal approach, combined with online project management tools such as Basecamp ensure projects are 100% transparent and completely trackable.

Whatever your brand identity needs, we can help

Branding can be used as a blanket term and can mean different things to different people, whatever you need we can help. At its simplest, branding can be mean…

New branding:
Just starting out? Launching a new product or entering a new market?
Our branding team can work with you at every stage of the process to create something amazing.

If your logo and branding have seen better days, we can help evolve your brand and breathe new life and possibilities into it.

Branding strategy:
The classic chestnut of “Failing to plan is planning to Fail” is never truer than in food branding.
We can help you make sure your strategy is up to date and being implemented across all channels.

All I need is a logo:
If all you need is a logo, we can make sure that the logo you have is the very best logo and can be applied wherever and whenever you need it.

If you need strategic advice or just some great creative, talk to Toast Food today

What we do:

We have a full service offering that includes, but is not limited to:

What Next?

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