Some food brand names just appear out of nowhere, but great food brand names are designed and created in-line with a robust branding strategy.

When working with a brand manager or owner who is undertaking any brand naming exercise for a food or drink product, a whole range of factors needs to be considered from the products USP through to thoroughly understanding the key customer personas and profiles. We make no apologies for the number or breadth of questions we ask, as if we aren’t interested in the answers you shouldn't be interested in us. Some examples of the kind of questions we ask are:

Can you briefly, describe your business concept to someone who has no knowledge of your company?

Describe the need being addressed by your business. 

Describe your target market — gender, age, geography, and other demographic characteristics.

Identify 10 or more words that you would like to communicate to your consumer about your company.

If your company was a person, how would you describe its personality? 

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We ask questions that challenge what the name should represent, who the competitors are and what are they called, what are the core values that you want to reflect, what market are you operating in and who are you trying to engage to name a few.

These questions precede one of our workshops, and are included in our research stage, the first of four stages:

Research – Reviewing initial brief/requirement/questionnaire/desk research into sector and competitors.

Investigation – Telephone interviews, <4hr Workshop.

Development – Analysis of research and investigation, draft and 2 round of amends to working document.

Delivery – Creation of a working document that outlines the challenge, the development and proposed solution or plan.

A great example of a client we helped with this is The Open Oven Pizza Company who came to us without a name but a clear understanding of the experience they wanted to create. To find out more about how we helped them, click on image below.

Brand Naming Services for Food & Drink Brands by Toast Food

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"I was really impressed by the ability of the guys at Toast to take the information, ideas and dreams in my head and make them real as we spoke. To be involved in the creative process at this level was exactly what I needed to feel connected and committed to the creative solution and the brand it created."

Ian Humby, Director, The Open Oven Pizza Company.

Whatever your product, whatever your sector we can help you define, design and deliver your new brand naming project.

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