Customer loyalty is driven by more than just the way that food tastes. It extends to the overall experience that a food brand delivers and the way that makes us feel. One of the key elements contributing to this experience is brand consistency. When a food brand maintains consistency in various aspects, it builds loyalty and enhances the customer experience – keep this in mind as your food brand grows.

Maintaining visual consistency

Visual consistency is perhaps the most avert way our brand maintains itself in the eyes of customers. When you’ve built up a strong and recognisable brand, customers will become familiar with your colours, logo and other branding elements. When customers see these elements consistently across various touchpoints such as packaging, signage, and social media, it creates a sense of familiarity and trust.

From McDonald’s and its golden arches to Coca-Cola and their red cans, the iconic logo, colour palette, and packaging design are instantly recognisable. Whether you’re visiting their website, walking into their store, or interacting through a mobile app, you know exactly what to expect. This visual consistency helps customers feel comfortable and confident in their choices.

Product consistency

Using McDonald’s again as an example – they are one of the most popular food brands in the world so it seems fitting – when customers walk into one of their restaurants anywhere in the world, they are confident that if they order a Big Mac, they’ll get the same familiar taste. That’s probably part of the reason they chose to go to McDonald’s in the first place. If they suddenly decided to change the recipe or ingredients, there would be outrage.

If you have created a product that your customers love, think long and hard before you decide to change the recipe. Sometimes these changes are inevitable but they’re certainly not something to do on a whim.

Keep your voice consistent

Consistency in communication means delivering a unified message across all channels. This includes the tone of voice in advertisements, social media, and interactions with customers. A consistent message helps build brand identity and trust.

Think about the elements that were at the heart of your brand when you were just starting out. Often these values become a part of your brand and your customers expect to see them echoed in your output. For example, if your brand is built on the ideals of environmental friendliness and sustainability, your customers won’t want to see you turn your back on recyclable packaging or start using ingredients with a negative effect on the environment.

Consistency shouldn’t stop progress

Don’t confuse consistency with stagnation. It’s essential for food brands to gather customer feedback and use it to make improvements while still maintaining core elements that define their brand. When customers see that a brand is responsive to their feedback, it enhances their overall experience.

The world around us is constantly changing and your brand will have to evolve to meet these challenges. By listening to your customers, you can establish which aspects of the brand are continuing to meet their needs and where changes could be beneficial.

Food brands that prioritise and maintain consistency are more likely to create a strong and enduring bond with their customers, leading to long-term success in a competitive industry.


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