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The food and drink we consume are inextricably linked to the seasons, so it makes perfect sense for you to consider seasonal marketing strategies for food brands as part of your marketing mix.  The significance of seasonal marketing for food brands can not be overstated as everyone is talking about the importance of seasonal produce as well as promoting seasonal dishes. Without too much thought everyone can come up with a dish that is associated with a given season from hearty foods in the winter to scones, strawberry jam and cream in the summer.


Even if your product isn’t specifically linked to a particular season, the change of the seasons will still apply its effect. It is of critical importance to align marketing efforts with seasonal trends and consumer behaviour to maximise your sales and growth.

Understanding Seasonal Trends

When building your understanding, create a calendar and analyze and record seasonal preferences, consumption patterns, and celebrations. Once recorded you can then use this information to identify key seasons and occasions relevant to your target audience and promote your brand accordingly.

Seasonal Menu Offerings

One of the most common ways of applying seasonal marketing strategies for food brands is by creating special seasonal menus or limited-time offerings. Highlighting the time sensitivity draws attention to the seasonal nature of the promotion and increases the chances of impulse purchases before the opportunity passes. 

You should also incorporate seasonal ingredients or flavours to appeal to consumer cravings that are driven by the seasons, warming foods in the autumn and lighter fresher in the summer, including locally sourced ingredients. The positive effect of responding to these widely held desires can be accentuated by highlighting the unique aspects of your seasonal offerings through enticing descriptions and visuals.

Festive Packaging and Branding

The most obvious example of how designing seasonal packaging that reflects the spirit of the occasion makes clear commercial sense is: Christmas. As soon as bonfire night has passed the shops are full of Christmas-branded food and drink, ready for the run-up to Christmas. Not just for us humans either dog food or other pets are treated to seasonal offerings as well!

Even if the change is as simple as including festive colours, graphics, or symbols in branded materials, the effect will be the same. Although, going one step further and creating a cohesive visual identity across various touchpoints to enhance brand recognition over the festive period will deliver far greater results.

Engaging Visuals and Photography

If you are using seasonal ingredients you should use high-quality visuals to showcase seasonal products or dishes. Everyone has seen an example of layouts that highlight key ingredients, often to illustrate freshness as well as seasonality. A great example Toast Food worked on that illustrates this is KFC.

Toast Site KFC Work Image 2

As well as the ingredients, other elements can be included to reflect a given season, using. Christmas Food and Drink promotional material will also lean heavily on the colours green, red and gold and include props such as tinsel, baubles and snowflakes to hammer home the proposition. The big challenge is incorporating the festive elements without overshadowing your brand identity and maintaining consistency in visual style across different marketing channels.

Gathering Customer Feedback and Insights

Don’t take my word for it, ask your customers. You can collect feedback on seasonal offerings and campaigns through surveys or reviews and gain essential insights for the next cycle. This process of gathering information, analyzing data and customer insights to refine future seasonal marketing strategies is the secret to success. A great way to maximise the impact of a seasonal-based campaign is to encourage customer-generated content and user-generated reviews to build social proof.


It is difficult to convey just how important it is to apply seasonal marketing for food brands. If you believe that the seasons do not have an impact on your product it’s probably because your existing strategy has not incorporated seasonal marketing. Getting to know your consumer is of critical importance, you need to understand their buying behaviour so you can align marketing efforts with seasonal trends.

We would encourage you to leverage any seasonal opportunities to engage with their audience, drive sales, and build brand loyalty. If you want to know more about how we can help you make the most of your seasonal marketing efforts, get in touch today or drop us a line. We would be more than happy to help.

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