How to Brand Chocolate for the confectionery category and beyond

Chocolate makes up a significant percentage of the confectionery category throughout the world. This popularity has seen successful chocolate branding extend into other categories and new markets.

Equally, this increase in popularity has put an even greater emphasis on positioning your brand correctly from day one.

Knowing who your competitors are and having a convincing reason why they should choose you over them is not just essential to creating a brand. It is all part of the positioning that is essential for professional buyers to understand when considering your product pitch.

Stewart and Arnold brand design

Innovative chocolate branding is essential

With an ever-increasing demand for higher quality, provenance-driven ingredients. Artisanal chocolate brands have now become the norm, creating even greater competition within the market.

This increased expectation from customers has meant any chocolate product.

Whether that is a chocolate bar such as our branding for the Grown Up Chocolate Company or a vegan chocolate bar such as Freely Handustry’s range of delicious free-from bars or a make your own chocolate at home kits bear the expectation of high-quality ingredients.

Grown Up Chocolate Company Branding by Toast Food

Quality Ingredients & Certified Provenance are important.

Today’s consumers are demanding more and more from their food suppliers. With ingredients now having to be not just high quality, but recognised for qualities such as being FairTrade, Single-source and palm oil-free. There may be other added benefits such as dairy-free, vegan or low sugar. More traditional endorsements such as organic are now expected and no longer hold the same value as it once did. This constant evolution of demands must mean you abide by today’s expectations, whilst considering tomorrow.

Typical icons on chocolate packaging
Chocolate Branding and Packaging by Toast Food

How do you stay ahead?

Successful brands never stand still, they should be constantly updated. This doesn’t mean that packaging design options have to constantly change, but the effect that changes have on the underlying brand has to be considered on an ongoing basis.

  • When was the last time your brand was reviewed?
  • Does it stand up to market changes and customer demand?
  • Does your labelling reflect the current standards or expectations?
  • How is it packaged? – Are there environmentally friendly solutions that could help to get your products stocked and noticed.
  • Is your product shelf-ready and match your buyers’ needs?

If you are unsure of any of the above then it would be worth getting the opinion of a professional from a respected [food & drink design agency] about the current status of your brand.

If you want to review your brand what is the first step? Contact us today and arrange to meet with one of our food and drink specialists and we can help you grow your brand.

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