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The Honeymakers is an Oxfordshire-based company run by Viktor and Lucy Zaichenko, who produce a wonderful range of honey from their honeybees. They asked Toast Food for help in branding and promoting their honey to a larger market.

A lot of small-batch honey on the market uses standard off-the-shelf labels and The Honeymakers wanted to move away from this to set their honey apart.

Toast Food was approached to produce a brand identity and styling for their honey that would give them a unique, professional and appealing look and feel to allow their honey to be stocked in a wider range of stores


Toast Food worked closely with Lucy and Viktor in an initial product strategy workshop that involved brainstorming and sketches to develop a brand names list and design concepts that evolved into a brand name for the products, and a direction for the brand identity.

These initial designs were then developed into further brand styling for label design and packaging, creating a range that is consistent, eye-catching and professional, giving The Honeymakers a look and feel that will allow their great honey to be tested by a wider audience.

Honeymakers Branding and Labelling
Honeymakers Branding and Packaging


We loved working with Lucy and Viktor to create the brand name and styling of their range of honey. They were clearly very passionate, knowledgeable and skilled in creating a great product but needed help in portraying their offering to a wider market and separating their honey from the home-producing market.

From the offset, they were fully engaged in the design process and happy to collaborate on creating a great brand name and brand styling for their amazing honey that moved their product to the next level. Now that their products are being stocked in retail outlets, from local food outlets in the Cotswolds to the excellent food halls at Burford Garden Centre and at Gloucester Services. They have had great feedback on the brand design and have seen a large upturn in sales. If you are interested in our Honey Branding and Packaging capabilities, get in touch.

Honeymakers Cut Comb Honey by Toast Food

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