Whether you are a dedicated brand manager, a brand owner or managing a pub or restaurant – you need to find a food branding agency that matches the specific needs of the Food and Drink sector in the UK.

So aren’t all branding companies suitable?

Any design agency that deals with branding are capable of creating food branding ideas and will be able to apply creative and best practice ending in something potentially suitable.

The problems may arise when it comes to applying the brand to packaging and other materials, as specific industrial requirements for barcodes, ingredients or allergens information must be correct or could jeopardise your product being shipped or stocked properly.

Should you look for companies that have worked with popular food brands?

If you are looking for a branding company that you know has created a particular brand then this can appear to be an easy route to finding your food branding agency.

There is no shortage of creative or branding blogs that highlight new and interesting work from designers and agencies.

An important thing to consider with this approach is making sure that the designers involved in the project you liked are the designers who would work on your project.

Large agencies may have great examples of branding work but it’s worth asking if the specific designers are still at the agency and if they are, whether they would be the ones who would work on your project.

This is less of a problem when dealing with smaller food branding agencies as they are less likely to have a high staff turnover.

The right agency for Jack & Bry.

The small team at Jack & Bry chose Toast to roll out the creative.

The branding was already in place when we started working together, but they wanted a more hands-on agency with a personal touch, so Toast made a good fit.

See the project

The best food branding is consistently applied, so look for the ability to apply as well as create.

The most successful brands, the ones that are front of mind and globally recognised, are ones that have been applied consistently.

The creation of a brand is only one element of what you need, a good food branding agency will offer a host of different services that are essential in bringing your brand to life. Complimentary services should include things like:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • Print Design
  • Website Design
  • Food/Drink Product Photography
  • Copywriting

Note: always challenge the agency to confirm that these services are provided in-house and not outsourced to other partners.

Sustainability, the environment, recycling and reducing plastic use are more important than ever.

Although not traditionally essential in the creative process, environmental consideration should be considered during the design process and every opportunity should be taken to take advantage of technologies and innovations that could place your products in the frontline for awards, recognition and growth.

Over the last 5 years the impact of environmental considerations on branding and packaging in the food and drink industry is phenomenal, always check to see what a food branding agency is doing to respond to these changes and anticipate new ones.

Chemistry is crucial.

Another important aspect to consider is the chemistry between you and the creative team.

You’ll know after a short phone call if there is passion there for your food branding project, so this should influence your decision.

Often, when working with a smaller agency there is more of a personal connection with the project and the whole agency will know about the project.

This means they all have more skin in the game and you are going to get more of a personal approach.

At a larger food branding agency, your main contact might be an account manager – this might work for you, but we think working directly with the creatives is the best option for most food brands.


Do you need help with your food branding?

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