If you are looking for a specialist food packaging design agency, we’d love to talk to you.

Toast has created branding and packaging for everyone from household names to artisan producers.

The consistent element throughout this work is our dedication to creating the most authentic and effective design solutions possible.

This ensures that both the look and feel and the physical structure are perfectly aligned to achieve both short and long-term goals.

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Strategy, design or a bit of both?

There are two main types of packaging projects we work on here at Toast, which route is best for you depends very much on where you are on the product’s journey.

Strategically-led projects.

If you already have a brand strategy, we can work with that, but if you don’t, we recommend that you have something in place to hang all the creative on.

Brand strategy can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it – a concise statement outlining key aspects (mission, vision, values etc), or a more complex document that takes in market research, positioning and so on.

You may not even be anywhere near this point yet – often our clients know they have an awesome product that simply needs a well-designed place to live.

We can help you work out the best route if you do need a strategy before we dive into the creative.

Design-led projects.

A lot of our clients simply want to work with a creative packaging design team to get everything sorted.

These types of projects are creatively-led, so it’s all about the visual aspects of branding and packaging.

Project packaging can be a very personal journey for clients as the home we are creating for your product is often the last stage of work in a long journey getting to this point.

If you just need packaging design, we can suggest the best next steps and the appropriate route for the project.

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Vegan Snack Bar Branding and Packaging by Toast Food

We’ll make sure your packaging design is effective.

A great product in dull packaging is never going to sell.

We’ll work with you to identify the best creative direction for your packaging based on your target demographic and any market research you may have done.

To be effective, your packaging design needs to reflect your product and speak to your target consumer.

Making it authentic and believable.

In today’s markets, consumers question everything.

The authenticity of your food brand and packaging will undergo more critical assessment than any time before as people want honesty and provenance.

Your story, journey, ingredients and methods are under more scrutiny than ever before, so it’s important that your branding and packaging convey the right message.

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Consistent Brand Extension and application.

Food brands now have to thrive in the digital world too.

Branding has to be capable of being applied consistently to everything from your packaging through to marketing materials and staff clothing, point of sale and the physical environment.

We help many clients in applying branding across integrated campaigns.

This means that for many, we have become their brand guardians, providing consistent on-brand creative across a range of channels.

Whatever challenges you may face. It is essential to have an agency that you can trust to respond quickly and efficiently, without compromising the underlying core values.

Your branded materials that go beyond your packaging design need to be consistent to be effective.

We can make sure that happens.

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Who we work with.

From foodie start-ups branding to established brands, we work with a diverse range of people, businesses and products.

Toast is creative, highly talented, perceptive, affordable and most importantly, has lovely people.

George Casey, Chief Baker, Haddie & Trilby
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Aronia Berry Drink branding by Toast Food

Vital Legal Requirements.

All packaging designs should adhere to any important legal requirements.

There are strict guidelines on allergen labelling, and nutritional labelling and some of these are mandatory, so this has to be taken into consideration during the design process.

The food standards agency website has some very useful guidance here, but as this is an important element of any packaging design project, we’ll lead you through all the legal requirements and ensure your food product packaging conforms to the required standards.

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Work directly with the creatives.

One of the things that makes Toast unique is that our clients work directly with the creative team on the project.

We don’t employ project or account managers: projects are managed by the team of designers working on them, overseen by our Creative Director.

This makes for better communication, a truly creative-led approach and less talking, more doing.

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