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If you are looking for a specialist food packaging design agency then Toast Food should be first on your list.

Toast Food have created branding and packaging for everyone from household/global names through to more niche/artisan producers. The consistent element throughout this work is our dedication to creating the most authentic and effective solutions possible, ensuring that both the look and feel and the physical structure are perfectly aligned to achieve both short and long-term goals.

Strategy-led Brands:

When working with Toast Food we do not insist on creating our own brand strategy for you if one already exists, but we do insist that a strategy has to be in place if there is any hope of success. We believe that it’s no accident that the most successful brands in any marketplace are those that are driven by a clearly defined brand strategy that has been thoughtfully applied to their branding and packaging. If there are questions around the strategy it is essential to answer these through a process of workshops or consultancy to ensure everyone involved in 100% confident in the approach and its application. Once a strategy has been defined and agreed by all parties, all other aspects of the process should fall into place from branded packaging to supporting materials.

Packaging Design:

All too often a fantastically well thought out and perfectly put together brand can fail to shine if its packaging design is not given the attention it deserves and needs. Packaging has to work even harder than ever these days with attention paid to recyclable materials or reducing the use of plastic. There are lots of options and it’s important that attention is paid to the format and materials used that it matches the overall brand message that you wish to portray.

Legal Requirements:

It sounds obvious, but any packaging design should adhere to the legal requirements but it’s surprising how many products on the shelves don’t.

There are strict guidelines on allergen labelling, nutritional labelling and some of this is mandatory, including minimum font sizes and the correct sizing of barcodes which should always be considered when creating any food packaging design. Even the smallest mistake could make the difference between being stocked or not.

The food standards agency website has some very useful guidance here however we can also help you to create packaging designs that meet the legal requirements.


In today’s markets, consumers are questioning everything and the authenticity of your food brand or packaging will undergo more critical assessment than in any time gone before. Customers are now challenging the claims and investigating the honesty of brands and products in far greater detail – can your brand sustain this examination?

See our blog post on creating an authentic brand story for food businesses –

Brand Extension and application:

Food brands now have to thrive in a multimedia world and be capable of being applied to everything from packaging through to marketing materials and staff clothing, point of sale and the physical environment. Toast Food have been applying brands across integrated campaigns for years and have become the brand guardians for some clients, providing brand consistency through various business challenges from staff changes to accelerated company growth. Whatever challenges you may face, it is essential to have an agency that you can trust to respond quickly and efficiently, without compromising the underlying core values.

To find out more about Toast Food can be your dependable branding and packaging partner, talk to us today.