We created naming, branding and marketing materials for a unique pizza company.

Open Oven Pizza Company Branding by Toast Food


Ian Humby and Jon Teeluck approached Toast Food with an exciting branding project to help define the positioning, naming and branding of a brand new pizza venture being created for the new Cornwall Services on the A30 just outside Roche.


Our first port of call was to sit down with the client as part of the initial research and strategy stage of our process. We identified that the user experience of the customer would be a crucial factor. This is due to the nature of the product and cooking process which form an essential part of the brand experience and ‘The Open Oven Pizza Company’ was born.

Open Oven Pizza Company Branding by Toast FoodOpen Oven Pizza Company Branding by Toast FoodOpen Oven Pizza Company Branding by Toast Food


This was then used along with all the research and understanding from the earlier stages to create suitable pizza company branding. Having created a comprehensive look and feel for The Open Oven Pizza Company, the earlier sketches were then used to brief the team that were going to build the catering unit in the service station.

What our client says…

"I was really impressed by the ability of the guys at Toast Food to take the information, ideas and dreams in my head and make them real as we spoke. To be involved in the creative process at this level was exactly what I needed to feel connected and committed to the creative solution and the brand it created."

Ian Humby, Director, The Open Oven Pizza Company.

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